1. blue-voids:

    Brett Weston - Reeds, Japan, 1972


  2. stateofdrought:

    The last three days of fires in Northern California as recorded by NASA’s Earth Observing System Terra and Aqua satellites and downloaded from the Worldview real-time data site. There’s a pronounced dot near the center of images: Mount Shasta. The fires to the left (west) of center have been named the July Complex Fires in Klamath National Forest. The biggest fires to the right (east) of the image are the Eiler and Bald fires (a third blaze, the Day Fire, is largely obscured by clouds and smoke). The large mass of smoke and to the north of Mount Shasta is mostly from the Oregon Gulch fire, burning along the California-Oregon border southeast of the town of Ashland. 

    Here are the links for the images above: 

    Friday, Aug. 1

    Saturday, Aug. 2

    Sunday, Aug. 3


  3. stateofdrought:

    From NASA’s Earth Observatory, the image of the day for Sunday, Aug. 3 is an infrared view of what’s happened to two relatively obscure California reservoirs (Hensley Lake and H.V. Eastman Lake) between April 2011 (top) and now. 

    Check out the Earth Observatory home page for more information on the images (and a gallery of other pictures, drought-related and otherwise).

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